Values-Centred Schools

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Welcome to Values-centred Schools – A Guide

This guide will help school leaders and schools implement values education by using a whole school approach to build a values-centred school culture.

The National Framework for Values Education in Australian Schools asserts that effective values education 'occurs in partnership with students, staff, families and the school community as part of a whole school approach' and 'articulates the values of the school community and applies these consistently in the practices of the school'. The Values-centred Schools guide is based on these principles.

Like a good travel guide, this resource is not prescriptive. It supports a whole school approach to values education, describes some highlights and features to watch out for in implementing a whole school approach, has expert recommendations, offers some stories from school practice, connects to other useful resources, and provides practical advice and tips for the journey.

This wealth of material comes from forums, research, resource development, school-based projects and professional learning undertaken by schools, jurisdictions, universities, parent groups, teacher organisations and Curriculum Corporation over the last five years.

The Values-centred Schools guide is practical rather than theoretical, selective rather than comprehensive. Take from it ideas, tools, inspiration, advice, activities and strategies that best suit your school's needs. Schools just starting out to revitalise their purpose and ethos or those seeking to introduce a more systematic approach to values education will find the guide most useful. However, even if your school is well advanced in implementing values education, or already has a coherent and established values-centred school culture, the guide will provide signposts, pathways, tools and useful accounts that could help you review and renew your school's ethos.


This Guide Will ...

  • provide a rationale for making values education the centre of school culture
  • define what the 'whole school approach' means in values education
  • provide practical advice on how to undertake four phases of Envisage, Engage, Implement and Monitor for a whole-school values education approach
  • highlight relevant links to the outcomes, findings, resources and activities in the national values education programs and projects, 2005–09
  • describe organising frameworks for values education best practice across all aspects of school organisation
  • provide case studies and accounts from schools that have been actively engaging in a whole school approach to values education
  • suggest useful tools and resources for implementing and embedding a whole school values education approach.